John Foderaro

👋 Welcome!

My name is John Foderaro and two hobbies of mine are software development and technical writing. That’s where this blog comes in. jfod.dev is space for me to combine these two hobbies where I write about topics that I find interesting and hopefully that other developers can find useful.

Beyond programming and writing about programming, I really enjoy reading, attempting to write fiction, the outdoors, landscaping and gardening, learning about and creating music, and DIY projects that can keep my mind and body busy and occupied.

If you’re into Myers Briggs, I’m an INTP. Or, if psychiatric psuedo-science isn’t your cup of tea and something more over the top is – astrology – then I’m a Sagitarrius. I often think both of these are a bit ridiculous, but yet here I am mentioning the two and more times than not I find both descriptions reflecting my own personality and traits.

But above all else, I’m really, really enjoying one of my latest life changing events - being a loving and caring father to my beautiful baby girl, born May 2020.

🍻 Cheers!